The Diane Dammeyer Initiative team from Columbia College Chicago delivered a youth photography program in  China as part of the 19th Pingyao International Photography Festival. The three-day workshop was lead by Prof Peter Fitzpatrick and included four Columbia College Chicago alumni as creative mentors. 
The youth were from the Pingyao Modern Engineering Technical School who are taught by photographer and teacher Liu Jianjia. The twenty-seven students explored the Ancient City of Pingyao using street photography and portrait techniques. The eighty photographs presented on this webpage is a small sample of the 10,800 photographs captured during the workshop. 
The Chinese students had the opportunity to study and visually respond to some of the photographs capture by American students from previous Diane Dammeyer Initiative youth projects. It is hoped that by sharing photographs will each other the young photographers can appreciate the similarities they are presented with in everyday life and discover the unique cultural treasures of their international peers. 
The Photographers: 梁志宏liangzhihong, yanbin, 郭虹guohongkai, haojirong, 郑晓zhengxiaoyu, 
雪静zhaoxuejing, 佳敏zhaojiamin, 裴峰妍peifengyan, 薛雍金xueyonjin, 胡蓉国hurongguo, 胡增huzenggui, 
王淑慧wangshuhui, 王江峰wangjiangfeng, 王星wanxinggang, 段思羽duansiyu, 梁志宏liangzhihong, 李昕lixin, 
李文liwenpeng, 李丹lidan, 张锦zhangjinqi, 金珍zhangjinzhen, zhangyu, 照花zhangzhaohua, 
左程鸿zuochenghong, 任宏萍renhongping, renhuajie, 晨宁qiaochenning, qiaoguosheng.
This workshop received additional support from the Pingyao International Photography Festival organizers, Canon USA and the creative team from Eyes on Main Street Inc. 

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